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The small office was a round-the-clock operation, its 15 employees taking orders from gamers around the world, former employees said.Pierce, reached by phone, asked a reporter to e-mail questions to him but did not respond to subsequent e-mails or multiple messages on his cellphone.Several IGE executives told that they thought Bannon could help change that.Bannon agreed to become the company’s vice-chairman.Working from the 19th floor of a skyscraper in Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay the company sold virtual goods for real money – magical swords and capes and other accoutrements that granted video game players power and access in more than a dozen popular online role-playing games.There was one problem, though: the companies that owned and operated these fantasy games prohibited what IGE was doing, and even considered it illegal.For wealthy gamers, IGE offered an alluring proposition.

These companies charged gamers a monthly subscription to access and play the online role-playing games.Michael Angeles, an operations manager in Hong Kong at the time, says Bannon was introduced to him in mid-2005 as “a big investor who would come in and start to help with the company”.At the time, Bannon was touring the Hong Kong office, sitting in on management meetings and introducing himself to the senior management, Angeles says.Bannon visited the Hong Kong operation every few months, former employees say, sometimes bringing businessmen that employees imagined might be the big investor IGE needed.The month Bannon joined, IGE opened an office in Shanghai.

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