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There was something about the imagery that fascinated him.

As he pieced together his family’s past and tried to find his place in the present day, Nader learned he had Christian ancestors who immigrated from India in the 1700s, and chose Islam decades after their arrival.

Pressured, and sometimes even beaten by relatives to attend Islamic religious services as a preteen, Nader became lost. Growing up, when Christianity was not only accepted but also widely practiced here, he would draw pictures of Mary and Jesus to hang on his wall.

This was well known by family and peers around him, though it was never accepted, especially not by his Salafi high school religious education teacher, who taught students that the Koran instructed them to hate Christians and Jews.

The extremist ideas taught in the halaqas – Islamic study circles for young boys held at the mosque – led much of the country’s young population to radical, intolerant views.

On his left hand he wears a wedding ring, a band he holds and twists when he is anxious.

Like his unconventional sexuality he opts to wear it on his thumb.

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