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While the quarterly figures are sometimes seen as a bit dated compared to monthly private surveys, they do provide deeper insights in corners of the property market across the nation.

Start Up: The Scream (3x06)Break Up: Like a Snowball Down a Mountain (3x13)Reason: Bay wanted to go back with Emmett.Start Up: Before This Is Not a Pipe(1x01) Break Up: This Is Not a Pipe (1x01) Reason: Bay's sassy behaviors were damaged their relationship.Status: Ex-boyfriend History: Ty left to enlist in the military, so Bay broke up with him over the phone, but he and Bay remained friends and kept in touch.Overall, the ABS house price index grew at 2.2 per cent over the quarter, or 10.2 per cent for the year.Sydney dwelling prices grew by 3 per cent for the quarter and 14.4 for the year.

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