Dating a military pilot

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It’s not uncommon to hear “Chaff, Flare” at a squadron gathering when a pilot receives a text message. Every good pilot (and that’s all of them, of course) has a call sign. This is a tradition in the Air Force and I suppose we can consider it a source of comradery within the squadron.

The call sign is the pilot’s tactical nickname and they are no longer known by their first names. I know being a worry wart is not productive or healthy, but you just can’t help it.

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The boys can talk in acronyms like it is a whole different language and more often than not, we’re expected to keep up. The acronyms are used commonly and formerly (meaning some are important and some vary on their level of appropriateness.) I’ll rattle off a few: RTB, ATC, PCS, v RED, BFM, BAH, SATCOM, DEERS, ENJJPT, FOD, SWAG or just WAG, YGBSM, LPA, UPT, Everything has an acronym. Betty is the automated female voice that speaks in-cockpit warnings in the F-16.

TLA stands for “three letter acronym.” See what I mean? This is also a common name we give people who complain too much or talk too much, but the boys seem to love Betty.

In fact, she’s manage to score the position as ring tone on several of their cell phones.

He has a tough job, and he is exhausted when he comes home. It’s a term of shock or disbelief at someone’s stupidity and originated with the Wild Weasel role which is the mission that the Viper Pilot flies.

That’s part of why I try to be a good wife and have dinner planned out for the week so he at least doesn’t have to starve. Additionally, someone (jokingly) wrote this in our guest book at our wedding.

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