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I actually have to mute the TV when she is talking just to be able to get through the show.

(Food Network) Mend your New Year's Eve hangover with leftovers from last night's drunk Postmates order and a new season of Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray series about turning hapless cooks into star chefs.John Albert Boutté, who sings the opening credits song, is one of a score of other musicians who play themselves.DVD 'Extras' can sometimes be a flimsy add-on but the ones on Treme are first class.Although the trend of recreating films for the small screen might make you think otherwise, this is not a modern-day version of the Mel Gibson movie with the same name.Created by Frank Spotnitz and David Vainola, the drama is inspired by the career of crisis negotiator Laurent Combalbert and his partner, Marwan Mery.

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