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By the time I finally arrived at the Tampa airport my sweetheart had been waiting there for 3 hours (he had left his house for the journey from England to Florida 23 hours earlier! He pulled his luggage around back and I popped the trunk (slash boot).

He plunked his suitcase in as I apologized for the delay.

We had time for a quick embrace and a peck on the lips before we were hurried on our way. Tamara traded him the shotgun seat as I began introducing everyone and explaining everything. He was even more gorgeous in 3D than I’d imagined, and he later told me he thought the same thing when he’d first laid eyes on me.

It felt surreal, as we sat in Maria’s livingroom side-by-side having a drink with our new friends. After 3 months of bad internet connections, dropped calls, technical and time difference difficulties, we were finally together, and it was so wonderful.

A week in he drunkenly professed his love for me via Skype.

Of course, it didn’t happen at all like we’d imagined. When I dropped him at the airport I handed him a love letter that said I had hidden some beef jerky in his carry-on luggage, and when I got home from dropping him at the airport I found a note under my pillow that said “I miss you.” Turns out we’d both hidden a little surprise on each-other 😉 We are always making each-other laugh with our language differences (don’t get us started on how to say Barbados).

In reality my plane was delayed an hour and it turns out the drive from my airport to his was two hours, not the forty-five minutes I had thought. And now I am saving my pennies for a flight to England and I am officially his “bird” (girlfriend). 4th of July at Siesta Key in Sarasota Our last photo together on the trip, at the airport.

I thought he may be a tad crazy, but as we talked each and everyday I realized he was just crazy about me, and that I felt the same. He was amazed by me in a way that I’d always wished someone would be, and I was amazed by him too.

He told me out of the blue often that I was beautiful. By his kindness, by his electrifying smile, by his humbleness, by those gorgeous green eyes, by his perfect nose (that he didn’t like), by the way he made each of my days so much better.

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