Dating royal copenhagen figurines

Sessions are grouped within morning or afternoon categories and do not reflect the actual session and paper time slots.

Final schedule times will be reflected in the AIA Final Program distributed on-site at the Annual Meeting, posted on the AIA website at a later date, and in the dedicated meeting app.

In exchange, these hotels offer our attendees the guaranteed lowest group rate at the hotel and provide us with complimentary meeting space to hold the meeting.

The simple round face is like a younger version of the original ape logo.

The sharp graphic design strikes a long lasting memory at the first sight.

NOTICE: Prior to past meetings, AIA and SCS members have received telephone calls and e-mails from individuals representing companies offering to make hotel reservations for attendees.

These individuals are operating without the consent of either Society and are fraudulently representing themselves as AIA/SCS, the conference hotel, or a housing service hired to process reservations for the joint annual meeting.

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