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Ya don't know how long I," She held her breath then groaned in frustration and the communicator blinked that Number 86 has ended the call. "I spoke too soon." He stood to oped the door for them."Number One, we're back from the mall!

He sighs, "What could be so important if there aren't any adults messing around? " Number Three skipped to a bean bag as Number Two and Number Four squished together in the doorway."That's nice; I was just at a diner.

" Number Three called."Hey, we got you a corn dog, Number One! uh well," Number Four began to turn and ruffle the edges of the sleeves of his jacket."Uh .

" Number Four walked into the tree house with Number Three and Number Two behind him."Number one!

" She charged with her giant robot machine and reached for Number One."Numbah One! Big-Revolutionary-Explosives-Annihilate-Kooky-Unwelcome-Past."Lizzie gasps as tears of anger rage into her eyes, "You take that back, Nigel! " Number Two asked."Ready," Number Four checked in."Ready to fire bubblegum candy, Number Three? "Their machine rammed against Lizzie's and they were head to head as Number Two controlled the head, "You can't keep me away from him! " They took a jab at her machine and she wobbled, "launch bubblegum candy! " She shielded the bubblegum candy with her hands the best she could and took a swing at them but she missed and stepped back.

For me to be like this is only because I am hurt and the reason for that is you! " Number One screamed as Lizzie grabbed him into her giant fist, "Kids Next Door initiate operation b.r.e.a.k.u.p.! ""Not now, you two." Number Five pushed the knob of a lever and switched on the noisy buttons."Ready to launch giant pop rocks, Number Four? ""Oh-ho," she clapped her hands and rubbed them together, "You know it, baby!

well, I mean," Number Four began to rub the back of his head."We had a fun day! " Number Two saluted as he sprinted to the door with Number Three."I .

Sector A had reasons to be absent and that would not be allowed. I'm just wondering if you have any plans on the weekends.""I do, is there an adult we should be worried about? " She swished side to side."I waited plenty of hours for you. " He said annoyed."I was getting ready for you, silly." She twirled the end of her pigtails with her finger, "So?

Now please, would you come before she takes me away!

but I mean we'd still say no." Number Five butted him in his hip with her elbow, "Ey, what the croikies was that for? Numbah One needs our help.""Thank you, Number Five. The energy shut down and broke down as it headed for the ground.

" He reached with his arm to show others who were looking at them as he stood and slammed his palm on the table."I thought .

"He breathed out as a wrinkle creased on his big forehead, "You're always chirpy, always yapping and yelling and you always make a scene, I mean look! I thought that was everything you liked about me, Nigie.""Well .

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