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As well, they have a respectable insurance benefits package, but not as comprehensive as the capital one card listed above. American Express Blue Sky (link) This card is similar to the Capital One offering where the card holder accumulates points towards any type of travel.The great thing about this card is the rewards accumulation of 1.25% return on the cardholders spending.

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As well, the return on spending needs to be relatively high, and preferably with an insurance package (updated June 2010).Personally, I would choose a store card that would be used often, and has a high return on spending.Here are my favorite consumer rewards credit cards. Scotia Cineplex SCENE Visa (link) ( If you are a fan of Cineplex and a collector of SCENE points (like we are), then this free Visa offered by Scotia is packed with value.After doing all the conversions, it works out to be 1.25% return on your spending if the miles are used for travel.The advantage of this card is the where the miles can be used towards any travel with any company (flights, hotels, cruises etc).

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