Has chris klein dating

“After that, I did a few more tours and lost my voice a lot, so I reined it in a bit. “So when I went to LA, it was nice to revisit the Hurricane.” Even if she is more sensible now, I hope Ella – who teamed up with SIGALA at V Festival yesterday – lets her wild side out of the box now and again.CLEAN BANDIT have racked up an impressive list of collaborations, but it sounds like their ­latest will be the most exciting yet.The singer, who has released new ­single Ego with TY DOLLA SIGN, said she got the nickname on tour with ­RUDIMENTAL after some booze-till-10am benders.And Ella revealed this week how she gave her caner side an airing in LA last year. ’ It was nice to explore, get drunk and do silly things.I love her.” Also performing at V is ANNE MARIE, who Clean Bandit are teaming up with on tour in the US in October. “There were lots of drinking games and daring games.

And while Coldplay-level stardom still beckons, the alt-rock three-piece are ­currently touring the world with their debut record, also called LANY. Thank you for streaming, downloading and sharing it with your friends. ” And she also shared a snap of a huge Number One-shaped blue and white cake. The actor raises millions for climate change prevention but was ­staying at the Amilla Fushi resort with pal TOBEY MAGUIRE when he decided he wanted to party at the Amilla Finolhu hotel.“She has been walking on air since taking the No1 spot. “We couldn’t believe it when we heard about the request, especially because of Leo’s campaigning. Amilla Fushi – where the BECKHAMS had their New Year’s Eve party – is ­quieter, whereas Amilla Finolhu is more of the party isle.“The fact she is happy in her personal life as well seems like the icing on top.” The delighted singer took to Instagram on Friday to write a message to her fans: “New Rules is the official UK Number 1! The hotel company is used to ferrying guests between the two and most people are happy with that.” Sources close to Leo last night insisted he had taken a boat to the resort.“They seem to be besotted with each other and Paul was delighted for Dua when she landed the No1.“He was with her when she was given her trophy and she couldn’t resist posting a snap of him kissing her on her Instagram after it was made official.

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