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We’ve teamed up with FYI’s Bride & Prejudice to bring you a list of things you should never say to interracial couples.

Next time you think about saying any one of these things to anyone, friend or stranger, think again.

People also don't realise that I understand some isi Zulu or Se Sotho, and often can understand what they're saying". For Brian and Dali, a same-sex interracial couple in Brooklyn, the rise of Trump has raised some concerns.

This all was alleged to have occurred while the family lived on paltry disability payments from James Colomb, who had been injured while working on an oil rig years earlier. Please keep the conversation civil and help us moderate this thread by reporting any abuse.

The lingering stares, uncomfortable questions, and crude remarks are just some of the damaging racial microaggressions that these couples endure.

As a half Italian, half Korean woman, it's nearly impossible to find a partner who matches my ethnicity, as the status quo would dictate for a “normal” couple.

Although the insula is not exclusively linked to disgust, taken with the results of our interracial dating discrimination study, these findings suggest that people feel increased disgust when viewing interracial couples.

Dad's supposed anti-interracial dating letter goes viral.

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No matter how funny or sweet you might think you sounds, don't ever say this. In 1970, one percent of American marriages were interracial; in 2013, 12 percent were. Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage 48 years ago, the number of mixed-race couples has been steadily rising.At the end of the day, nobody wants to be defined solely by whatever race they are.Plus, couples definitely don't want their love defined that way either.

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