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States in the West were controlled by German and Scandinavian voters, while the Irish took possession of the seaboard towns.

Although the balance of party strength was not much affected by these naturalized voters, the modes of political thought were seriously disturbed, and a tendency was manifested to transfer exciting topics from the domain of argument to that of violence. Buchanan, unfitted for troublous times, was driven to and fro by ambitious leaders of his own party, as was the last weak Hapsburg who reigned in Spain by the rival factions of France and Austria.

It may be interesting to recall the impression created at the time by the tone and temper of different delegations. Butler, of whom the former was chosen President of the Convention, warmly supported the candidacy of Mr. Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana held moderate opinions, and were ready to adopt any honorable means to preserve the unity of the party and country.

New England adhered to the old tenets of the Jefferson school. The conduct of the South Carolina delegates was admirable.

Governor Winston, originally opposed to instructions as unwise and dangerous, now insisted that they should be obeyed to the letter, and carried a majority of the Alabama delegates with him.

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Filled with anxious forebodings, I sought after nightfall the lodgings of Messrs.

The “Missouri Compromise” of 1820 was in reality a truce between antagonistic revenue systems, each seeking to gain the balance of power.

For many years subsequently, slaves — as domestic servants — were taken to the Territories without exciting remark, and the “Nullification” movement in South Carolina was entirely directed against the tariff.

Anti-slavery was agitated from an early period, but failed to attract public attention for many years.

At length, by unwearied industry, by ingeniously attaching itself to exciting questions of the day, with which it had no natural connection, it succeeded in making a lodgment in the public mind, which, like a subject exhausted by long effort, is exposed to the attack of some malignant fever, that in a normal condition of vigor would have been resisted.

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