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Hard, Painfull and Bloddy This is the way Miss Xtreme likes her Catheter Games.Thank you both for sharing your playtime with those of us that enjoy it. She is trying hard to avoid the falling burning wax but there is no escape. The Burning Wax tourment goes on burning her Pussy and ass.I know I've dropped more loads to your vids than any other single source and have gotten fired up for bedroom action with quick peeks of vids I've saved from your site more often than I can count. KLets face it, after Miss Xtreme, there is nothing else. For women everywhere, she has raised the bar on sexual satisfaction. This is her first time Experience with Extreme Suspentions.Then the clear plastic cone in her vagina, spreading it open as much as she can stand it.She finishes with a chain though her 3 clit rings, pulling so hard, it's nearly going to tear her clitoris off.

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