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Let me start by saying that I love my husband , and that I became his strap-on mistress after he was caught online by my friend viewing domination **** with her husband. I had been out drinking at lunchtime in an area of town I didn't really know. I have always loved to cross dress, and I haven't told anyone yet. I asked my Aunt if she would change her mind about me having to dress like a girl for the whole summer. Shortly after our marriage she started hearing stories about my extra-marital affairs, so she... As if called by my thought all four girls walked in and silently unlocked my clothes and threw a nightie on the bed. Turning the tables It all started normally enough, with an impulse buy.

Early on it was obvious to me that he was embarrassed at his own enjoyment of being dominated. I had a girl friend once who enjoyed dressing me up and takeing me out on the town with her. I was feeling at bit drunk as I wandered around the streets. I had just gotten back from school when I remembered no one would be a home until late a night. A branch of a store specializing in lingerie and “fun-wear” had opened in the local shopping mall. After my wife Lisa caught me partially dressed that night and I confessed that I had developed a cross dressing obsession, she grilled me several times with many questions.

I tend to like the more BDSM-oriented aspect and the... As it was tied even closer Into my stomach, it maid my chest explode as if it had boobs of its own. Debi got a big smile on face as she got out a big suitcase and started laying all sorts of things out.

we were unclipped from our chairs and led to the front of the room, where we new inductees were made to stand tottering in our new heels as we watched the more matured gurls chained together and led out, starting with the furthest gone, their long hair playing on their bare... She had me ***** and Suzi took me by the hand and let to the got out a...

I pulled the panties up my legs and over my crotch, feeling the soft, firm restraint around my penis and the cool kiss of the material on my buttocks. "Look in the mirror on the wall to your right" the technician ordered. We grew up having macho things banned from the house, so no soldiers and army stuff like most little boys.

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