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It's all administrators [that] can only touch that."5. The point of the pilot is to see whether citywide implementation of body cameras would work in Boston.In the wake of several high-profile police shootings, body cameras have been part of a larger national conversation around police-community relations. In Boston, activists and community groups have been pushing for body cameras since 2014, following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.One hundred Boston police officers are now equipped with body cameras as they carry out their duties.

Gift cards are available for purchase at the Aquarium, or by calling (866) 963-9645 Monday through Friday.His model is from Taser and uses cloud storage while Vievu uses "an external storage device that's kept at the station," Gross said. "It stores the video and you tag it and say what incident had just occurred and then it goes to the cloud," Gross said."You can't alter it, you can't send it to You Tube, you can't touch it.That part of the policy has drawn criticism from activists and community members.4. The cameras attach to the front of an officer's uniform and have an on/off switch. Boston police will be using two types of body cameras, one from Taser and one from Vievu.Superintendent-In-Chief William Gross, one of the commanders who will wear a body camera, showed me his device at a recent peace walk in Roxbury.

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