Zooey deschanel dating m ward

For those that are interested, I use Poser PRO, VUE Xtreme and Photoshop for all my works. It's just like the mental picture I had while reading your rant. ------- Today's Pic: I've always wanted to sling a naked woman over my shoulder and carry her off like that.

I do drop by your site every now and again in my quest for source material and ideas for pics. 'Course, it takes a strong back and solid muscles, like Conan has. ------- Here's an electro suspension scene, for fans of such perversions, from a movie named Chameleon.

I don't know about everyone else here, but for me most of what they post over there isn't worthy of discussion.

So I guess what you have to ask yourself is, do you want quantity or quality on this board?

Your mix of comments, updates, and self-aware personal observations (oh, and did I mention your beauty? Most of us know better than to take pornography outside the U. Imagine bringing a ZFX video to Saudi Arabia, for example...(hmm, sounds like a plotline for ZFX, using female video smugglers). an actual person would have to be depicted; a cartoon or comic depicting young-looking sexual characters wouldn't be enough for a child pornography case per se, although I do know of prosecutions involving computer generated imagery that was photorealistic.

) are perfect examples of what makes this a special place. BTW, manga are Japanese comics; anime is animation. the comic book version of the anime video would be Manga). However, the issue of obscenity is a different matter.

Note that the criminal prosecution is occuring in Canada and not the U. Just about anyone from Canada who has ever tried to order a risque video from the U. knows how tough Canadian Customs is about pornography in general. It's entirely possible that some manga could not pass the three-prong Miller test and thus would be deemed obscene.

A lot would depend on the locale; most likely local standards in California would let anime/manga be fine. She called PD and asked how much it would cost HER to model for him!!!

Not many places you can go and talk about these issues. I too have been guilty of lurking in the shadows of the GIMP (for a couple of months). I mostly upload to Renderotica or the Dark Spot (as I have these), although I haven't done either in a while.I use this site to learn about the latest stuff out, not double back on stuff that's years and years old and that most of us should have heard about by now.And Ralphus, if the site is getting 1200 hits a day, that should tell you that you're not wasting your time.Like Ralphus and Canadian, I love to hear the perspectives of our female contributors.Jane: Your posts continue to be a joy to read --- and a real turn on.

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